Living in Vegas is a Dream Come True

I have always loved Las Vegas since the first time I visited there when I was just 19 years old. When I turned 21 and had full access to everything there, I knew that I wanted to live there one day. Well, I thought it would take a while for that dream to materialize, but I received an incredible work opportunity last year. It did involve relocating to Vegas, but that was certainly not a hardship for me! I wanted to look at apartments first to make sure I could swing it. Click here for apartments was on an email ad I received, and it was like it was meant to be.

I did click there, and it took me to a listing of different apartments that are available in downtown Vegas. Read more…


No More of the Itchy Trees

By far the best tree removal in Long Island is one that will remove any tree you want with no questions asked. I had some trees in my yard that were covered in poison ivy vines. Trying to pull of the vines would have caused me to itch and have rashes like some kind of diseased person. I was ill equipped to handle the situation, so I put my faith in the hands of the professionals to do a good job. I called a company that one of my relatives had used in the past with good results.

The tree removal company told me that they could get rid of the poison ivy ridden trees with no problem. They came to my home wearing protective gear to make sure that none of the vines touched their skin. I don’t blame them for having such an elaborate set of clothing for this job, because touching poison ivy is no fun. Read more…


Seeing Yesterday One More Time

Ever since Instagram implemented their stories feature, people have been having all kinds of fun uploading their own short videos. The only drawback about the feature is that all stories are gone after a day. While people have become more relaxed about the kinds of content they upload, sometimes opting for more risque videos that would never be posted as regular videos, the videos will be eventually be lost, and if you didn’t see them the first time, then you’re out of luck, or so I thought. Using a pretty clever Instagram hack, those once gone videos can be brought back and downloaded.

I have no shame in admitting I follow a few models on Instagram. Read more…


We Can’t Wait for This Party to Get Started

My brother and his girlfriend announced their engagement not long ago. We all knew that they would end up getting married, and we were just glad that they were finally going to tie the knot. My sister and I wanted to do something really special for his girlfriend because she has been like another sister to us since they first started dating nearly three years ago. We are the closest thing to family she has too, so my sister looked up Toronto limo bus rentals so we could start planning a really special bachelorette party for her.

They are having a short engagement, so this was something that needed to be done pretty fast. My sister already knew which company she wanted to use because she has rented limos on a few other occasions too. Read more…


I Am Happy with Myself Now

I take good care of myself. Though I do indulge in junk food at times, I mostly eat healthy foods. I exercise three times a week at the gym, and I either walk or ride several miles every day too. I have a great boyfriend who is hopefully going to propose to me soon, and I have a great job with great friends. I should be completely happy, right? I am, but there is one area of my life that I have never liked. That all changed when I heard about this site though.

The reason this excited me so much is because I had never been happy with my breasts. They were too small for my liking. I did not want to have extremely big breasts, but I knew I would not mind going up at least one cup size. Read more…


Our Young Daughter Became an Activist to Promote a Better World

Our daughter saw the results of a small spill of a chemical that was not even that highly toxic. We live close to the river. It is at the end of our back yard. We watch large tugs pushing barges, and we see pleasure boats in abundance. A plant upstream spilled a chemical into the river, and a lot of fish were killed. She saw that, and wondered what she could do to stop things like it from happening again. She became a young activist, and even asked us if we could get a green energy provider.

I never really thought about it. Read more…


The Power to Choose is Awesome

I used to live in Ohio back in the 1980s, and it felt really good to be going back home again after being gone for nearly 30 years. I had been back for visits, but this time I was going back for good. I was closing on the house that I was going to buy, my job was due to start in four weeks, and I was just finishing up some loose ends. The biggest one was looking at the different Ohio electricity providers so I could have the power turned on as soon as possible at the house.

The closing date was just under a week away, and the moving truck was just on standby to move everything for me. That is why I figured getting the power turned on should be my top priority. Read more…


I Found out How Easy It is to Buy a House Alone

I bumed into a very friendly realtor in Denver in the check-out line at the grocery store about six months ago. She was so lively and friendly. She handed me her business card, and I remembered her telling me that she sells houses for a living. I had been renting up to that point, and didn’t know how easy it would be to get a house until she told me that it’s not that hard at all. She told me to give her a call at her office and she would help me get started. I waited for about 6 months before actually contacting her, but I am glad that I did. She found me a place to purchase and she has also become a friend of mine as well.

I had never really enjoyed apartment living. I just did it because that’s what I was used to. Read more…


Today’s Prices for Scrap Metal

My uncle just passed away and I am helping my brother clean out his house and property. We were in the back yard and we found a tremendous amount of scrap metal that nobody knew was back here. I mean, everyone knew that he had a lot of junk, but this quantity of scrap metal has to be worth a good bit, and so I want to figure out how much is scrap metal worth?

I think that we are going to try to go ahead and sell this metal today and split the money between the two of us, so long as we can figure out an easy way to haul it all to the scrap yard and sell it. Read more…


What is the Safest Messaging App?

I am not a criminal or a terrorist that has to worry about being spied on by the government, nor do I worry about black helicopters swooping in to arrest me for whatever things I could imagine. However I have problems with my stepfather and he has already tried to snoop on my messaging apps. He thinks I am on drugs or something like that. I figured out that he had installed something on my phone called snaphack, which is supposed to spy on snapchat conversations. Of course the problem is that I never really used that app as a messaging app. I did some research and it turns out that there is not much I can do about, other than tell my Mom and that is not going to give anyone much satisfaction. Read more…


I Failed at My Own Installation

Although it can be nice to save money, sometimes you can’t save money on everything. I was faced with the unfortunate decision of buying a new air conditioner after mine wouldn’t work. An air conditioner is an expensive purchase, but without it, a normal summer would feel like torture. I bought a unit and tried to install it myself using an instructional video that I found on the Internet. The video seemed pretty straightforward when I was watching it, but as I attempted the installation, things became complicated, and I had to call for HVAC installation in Manhattan, NY to finish the installation.

The parts weren’t fitting together like they should have, and I didn’t understand some of the connection procedures. Read more…


Looking for a New Place to Live

I have an apartment now and it was fine for a long time. I never had any problems here until the last six months when some college aged boys moved into the place down the hall. Of course they like to party and make noise at all hours of the night, which I can understand as I would do the same if I had my way about it. I used to show up at class in sunglasses myself. However I can not do that at work and 7 AM comes really early here. So I am on and the other places on the web looking for a new place. In fact I am not particularly thrilled with management at this place. They have raised my rent three times in a year and a half, but if something needs to be fixed they seem to think that I should take care of it for them. Read more…


We Had a Limo Tour of Niagara Falls That Was Really Fun

We always wanted to see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, so we booked a tour through a limousine services company – Dream Night is their name – who do limo tours of the Falls. We had a great time. It was nice to get the full tour of things you can miss if you try and experience the landmark on your own. Plus, having a professional driver navigating the Canadian roadways was very nice. If you do sightseeing while traveling, the driver pretty much misses out on everything of interest. If you have a chauffeur, you do not have to worry about it. Our driver was very professional and courteous. He also covered everything of interest concerning Niagara Falls. Read more…


My Apartment in Baltimore is the Best

When a job opportunity opened up in Baltimore, I immediately applied for it. I had never been there, but I already knew that I would like it. It is super close to Washington D.C., which is my favorite place in the world, plus it would get me closer to my favorite football team too, the Ravens. I had been chatting with other Ravens fans in online forums, so I asked them if they knew of any great apartment complexes that are in the general area of where my new job would be. 101Ellwood was the answer given by quite a few, so I went to the website with all of the details of this apartment complex to see what it is like.

I was really impressed with what I saw there. First off, it is in the perfect area. I was able to look at it on a map that showed everything around it, and I knew that it was about the best location I would be able to get. Also, the setting is really nice. Read more…


The Limo Made Me Feel Like a Princess

When my boyfriend asked me to marry him, I was ecstatic. I knew we were going to get married one day, but I had no idea he was going to propose to me as soon as he did. Knowing he felt exactly the same way about me as I did about him made both of us want to get married right away. We did not want a super fancy wedding that would take a year to plan. The only thing he did want to do was contact a limo company to see how much it would cost to have a limo on our special day.

We already decided to get married at our small country church, and we also figured a small reception in the social hall there would save us thousands of dollars. We did not want to start our marriage in debt, but he did want to do this one romantic gesture for me. Read more…


Getting Our Sales Back on Track

My mom has often told me that I can sell a man a bridge in the desert. That is true nowadays, but it was not always that way. I was intimidated by sales pitches before, but that was only because I did not understand all of the mechanics of it. I learned that when I took a consultative selling training course through my job. Our sales figures were sharply down for a couple of consecutive quarters, and our manager decided to have all of us go through this training program.

To be completely honest, I was resistant at first. I figured that there was not a whole lot I could learn in such a short period of time, and I am really glad that I was wrong. The reason why it is so effective is because there is no waste in the training time. Read more…


Why Would You Do This?

It was pretty strange to look at this guy and wonder if he was some sort of cyber criminal or it he was just some sort of knucklehead trying to rip off Paypal. He was using this program that was purportedly a paypal money generator and he was trying to convince me that I should do it too. Of course for some reason there was a limit to how much money it could be used to steal. Apparently it is going to only take a thousand dollars, if it even worked. The guy was explaining to me how easy it was, but I had to take a look at him. I knew he did not have a car and the bike he rode to school was not too awesome either. His shoes were practically falling apart and the same was true of his blue jeans. If this stuff was a great way to make money, then he was doing a great job of hiding the fact. He looked a lot like a homeless person. Read more…


I Appreciate Everything That My Mom Does for Me

My mom told me that she would take me to look at apartments for rent in North Charleston SC after she learned that I would be going ot the community college there. She knew that I wanted to get my two year degree, and then transfer to a larger school so that I could graduate after 4 years. I knew that I was the only person who has gone to college in my family, but I didn’t realize what a big deal that was to my mom. She told me that she is very proud of me for making sacrifices so that I can go to school. because of that, she wanted to pay for my first six months of rent so that I could just focus on my classes.

Mom and I have been very close. My dad ditched the two of us when I was a small baby. My mother has had to do everything on her own with me. When I grew older, I was a little tyrant and gave her a lot of grief. But when I saw her crying one day, I asked her why. She told me that she was doing all that she could to keep the two of us together, and she feared that if I ended up causing my trouble that I could be taken away. That shaped me up quickly. I realized then how hard she was working for me. I appreciated everything after that point.

I work hard now that I’m in school. I want to be able to graduate and get a good job so that I can afford to take care of myself and my mother. She deserves it. I think it would be great to buy a nice house that we can both live in. My mom deserves that, too.


I Am Living My Dream Thanks to My Parent’s Stories

I always knew that I wanted to spend part of my life overseas working and living. It took me awhle to figure out how I was going to do that, then planning it out and actually doing it. I now really enjoy the fact that I work for a great company that is allowing me to do that. Just recently, we asked the good folks over at Massive Infinity in Singapore to help us with our mission. My bosy is the one that has put together a team full of people who will be handling our mobile development, and I am the lead team member. It was a thrill to be asked to head this new development up. The people on my team are incredibly smart people. It’s an honor to work with them. Read more…


Condos for Sale Near Beach

I am hopefully going to buy a condo pretty soon. I want to buy a three bedroom condo if I can find one for a reasonable price. I need to get one of that size because I have 2 kids, and my wife. So hopefully I can put 2 of the kids in one of the bedrooms, my wife and I will take the largest bedroom, and the leftover can be an office. I want to check out seaside residences condo in particular, because I know that my kids would really love to live next to the beach.

Since I am not going to buy a house, with a yard that the kids can play in, I feel like the best thing that I can do as a sort of replacement is to buy a condo that is on the beach. Read more…


Can You Get Good SEO from Using Software?

I have always wondered why you cannot just get SEO software to do what you want on your website to help you with your page ranking. I mean, if it is all done to make search engine algorithms happy, then why can’t software do your SEO? I was looking at the best SEO software reviews online to find something that would help me keep ahead of the search engine algorithm changes over time. I was wondering if there could be something that would monitor my website in real time to see how it is doing with SEO over time as blog posts and other content accumulates.

I have a focused demographic, so SEO is not very hard for my website. Read more…


Easy to Use Pay Stub Maker

Almost two years ago to the date, I took a reasonably large gamble and quit my job in order to start my own business, with a hunch that a particular niche was going to blow up in the near future. I thought it would happen sooner, and the fact that it took two years has caused me some hardship. But I shouldn’t complain now, because things are amazing at the moment. I am having a hard time keeping up, and I am looking to find an easy to use pay stub maker that I can use via a simple web interface, and input all of the relevant information for my employees, and then print out accurate and official paystubs for them.

Both the volume of orders received, and the total number of customers, have increased by a large margin in the last few weeks. So much so that we are quite behind on some of the orders. Read more…


Awesome Electricians for Passiac County Area

I have a pretty confusing issue on my hands when it comes to electricity, and I am not sure the root of the cause. But there is a breaker in the house that keeps tripping, and there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when it trips. There has not been any correlation with putting a larger load on the circuit that leads to it tripping. I really have no idea so I want to find an electrician in Passaic county NJ that has an awesome reputation and also a lot of experience with figuring out tricky problems when it comes to home wiring.

I thought about being an electrician when I was younger, but I did not really want to go through the training that would be required, and so I ended up going in another direction with my career. I still think it would have been a neat job. Anyway, I am seriously baffled by this issue, as I have been trying to figure out why the breaker keeps tripping for over a month, and every time I think I might have an idea, something else happens to prove that I am not on the right track. It is truly a frustrating situation, and so I think that it is time that I just throw in the towel and so I am going to do that, and also hire an electrician to take a look at it.

I also have another question that I would like to ask to an electrician. I have noticed sometimes when the air conditioning comes on, that the lights in the hallway dim for a moment, before going back to their full level of brightness. I don’t think it is a major concern but I want to check to make sure.


Very Satisfied with My New Eyebrows

I tried so many different things to make my eyebrows look nice. Some were very painful, and most just did not work. Even for the ones that did work, I was just not satisfied because it was not as nice as I had hoped for. I know it sounds like I am hard to please, but I’m really not. I just wanted nice eyebrows, and I was struggling to find a way to achieve that. That all changed when I found out about Singapore eyebrow embroidery, which is a treatment that lasts for a long time.

I read everything I could find on it, then I decided I was just going to do it. Read more…


Home Automation Company in Ft. Lauderdale

I would very much like to hire a company to perform some home automation on my house, and more specifically I am looking to find a company that does home automation in Fort Lauderdale. I am not sure how far I want to go with this project, but I do want to make a lot of things much more simple in the house, to keep track of and to manage. I would like to definitely be able to access my home thermostat through my smart phone, or computer, because that seems to be a pretty awesome way to handle your air conditioning.

Of course, I not exactly sure how much these sort of automation jobs usually cost. Read more…