Bought Myself a Really Powerful Shotgun

I knew that they made all sorts of shotguns that you do not typically see in the civilian hunting world. However I found this shotgun at a gun show last Saturday and I bought it after I realized what it was. In fact I loaded it up and it held ten shells. I was not sure if it was legal or not, of course most civilian model guns are going to hold only five shell. The guy who sold it to me threw in a shotgun ammo carrier and he told me that it was legal. Read more…


What Helped Me with Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

When my friend suggested that I look into Crystal X for my vaginal discharge, I went online to see what I could find out about it. I knew that if I was not able to find a remedy for it myself, then I would need to go to the doctor. I was trying to avoid that since I would have to pay for the appointment myself, and I just did not have the money to do that. I am really glad that I confided in my one friend about it, because it turned out that she has had the same problem in the past, and Crystal X was what had helped her.

I am really careful about how I treat various symptoms for a few reasons. The first is because I want to make sure that it is healthy for me, and I also do not want to have to go to a doctor because I made a problem a lot worse. Read more…


Looking for a New Place to Live

I have an apartment now and it was fine for a long time. I never had any problems here until the last six months when some college aged boys moved into the place down the hall. Of course they like to party and make noise at all hours of the night, which I can understand as I would do the same if I had my way about it. I used to show up at class in sunglasses myself. However I can not do that at work and 7 AM comes really early here. So I am on and the other places on the web looking for a new place. In fact I am not particularly thrilled with management at this place. They have raised my rent three times in a year and a half, but if something needs to be fixed they seem to think that I should take care of it for them. Read more…


We Had a Limo Tour of Niagara Falls That Was Really Fun

We always wanted to see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, so we booked a tour through a limousine services company – Dream Night is their name – who do limo tours of the Falls. We had a great time. It was nice to get the full tour of things you can miss if you try and experience the landmark on your own. Plus, having a professional driver navigating the Canadian roadways was very nice. If you do sightseeing while traveling, the driver pretty much misses out on everything of interest. If you have a chauffeur, you do not have to worry about it. Our driver was very professional and courteous. He also covered everything of interest concerning Niagara Falls. Read more…


My Apartment in Baltimore is the Best

When a job opportunity opened up in Baltimore, I immediately applied for it. I had never been there, but I already knew that I would like it. It is super close to Washington D.C., which is my favorite place in the world, plus it would get me closer to my favorite football team too, the Ravens. I had been chatting with other Ravens fans in online forums, so I asked them if they knew of any great apartment complexes that are in the general area of where my new job would be. 101Ellwood was the answer given by quite a few, so I went to the website with all of the details of this apartment complex to see what it is like.

I was really impressed with what I saw there. First off, it is in the perfect area. I was able to look at it on a map that showed everything around it, and I knew that it was about the best location I would be able to get. Also, the setting is really nice. Read more…


The Limo Made Me Feel Like a Princess

When my boyfriend asked me to marry him, I was ecstatic. I knew we were going to get married one day, but I had no idea he was going to propose to me as soon as he did. Knowing he felt exactly the same way about me as I did about him made both of us want to get married right away. We did not want a super fancy wedding that would take a year to plan. The only thing he did want to do was contact a limo company to see how much it would cost to have a limo on our special day.

We already decided to get married at our small country church, and we also figured a small reception in the social hall there would save us thousands of dollars. We did not want to start our marriage in debt, but he did want to do this one romantic gesture for me. Read more…


Trying to Pick Up Some Korean

I have started getting ready for my transfer to Korea in a couple of months. I am going to be working as a contractor in one of the Air Force bases over there, helping to maintain aircraft. Of course there is always a lot of tension over there, since you are technically still in a state of war between North Korea and South Korea. They signed a cease fire over six decades ago, but they never finalized a peace treaty. I have been using software and watching some Korean movies on the Internet to get a feel for how to speak the language. Of course I really only care to learn how to talk to girls, I am single right now and that does not make me any less interested in the fairer sex. Read more…


My Hair Extensions Look Natural

I admit that I can be pretty vain. I don’t blame myself for this though. Society has made it so women want to look their best, and this is something that I want to do anyway. Some say men have it easier, but I expect my man to put effort into his appearance as well, just like I do. One of the things that I take particular pride in is my hair. I wear curly weave hair extensions which give me a few extra inches of full hair, and I am able to do so much with them.

The reason I like wearing these clip ins so much is because I like having long hair without actually having it. Let me explain. Long hair requires a lot of maintenance. Read more…


We Are Moving Back to Where We Met

Back when my husband and I first met, we were living in South Carolina. We really liked the area. I had lived in the desert portion of the country and he had spent most of his life in two very cold states at the top of the US. But he was active duty military and he received orders that were going to be stationed in Kentucky for awhile. He promised me that when his tour was up, he would be getting out and we would come back and look for Columbia SC apartments when the time was right.

The new place we were stationed was nice, but it was not the place that we had last lived. Read more…


My IT Guy Helped Me Gain Access to More Movies

I badly wanted a Netflix account when I learned that it was coming here. The thought of getting to stream movies and TV programs right into my own home sounded so very intriguing. There were still some DVD stores in the area where I live, but it was really tiresome to have to drive there, pick something out, drive back home and then get charged late fees if I did not return my movies back to the store time. I was reading that you can get USNetflix on your Canadian account, and I wanted to see if that was the honest truth. Read more…


Become an Elephant Handler for an Exciting Position

baby elephant at anakottil jpg baby elephant inside the kodanad ...If you are a person with a fond appreciation of elephants, have plenty of patience and determination, working as an elephant handler could be the career you’ve always longed for. An elephant trainer works one-on-one with elephants, teaching them tricks for special events such as the circus. Working in this position is always exciting, always filled wtih the fun that most jobs could never dream of offering.

An elephant trainer trains using three basic priniciples: stimulus, response and reinforcement. Stimulus refers to communication with the elephant. A handler must be able to communicate in a way so that the elephant understands. Read more…


Learning Tips and Information on Elephants

I went on my first missionary trip when I was just four years old. I had been on a total of six trips before I turned ten years old. It was around that time that I started to develop a passion for one certain area that we would visit in Africa. There is an elephant sanctuary there, and I had volunteered a bit of time there. I knew that when I was able to go on trips on my own, I wanted to return there and spend a couple of years helping the volunteers out.

Special training was not needed because this was not a government sanctuary. The people who run it were just glad to have another volunteer helping them. Read more…