Bought Myself a Really Powerful Shotgun

I knew that they made all sorts of shotguns that you do not typically see in the civilian hunting world. However I found this shotgun at a gun show last Saturday and I bought it after I realized what it was. In fact I loaded it up and it held ten shells. I was not sure if it was legal or not, of course most civilian model guns are going to hold only five shell. The guy who sold it to me threw in a shotgun ammo carrier and he told me that it was legal. I am not really sure if I believe that or not to be totally honest, but I do not think that any of the federal agencies is going to have the time to come in through my front door with a warrant and take it away from me. It is not like it is a machine gun or anything.

I have tested it out and of course it is obvious that it is not really designed for hunting. The barrel is rather short and from what I can tell that is so that you can use it in the confined spaces of a trench or in urban warfare. The literature makes it clear that the military uses these weapons for specific purposes. The main thing is what they call a breaching weapon. In essence you use the shotgun loaded with slugs to simply blast a door of it’s hinges. I can tell you that it is going to be really effective for that purpose. A slug like that it going to leave a hole that a man can put his fist through. So long as you aim at where the hinges are, you are going to easily take a door off it’s hinges and get inside quickly.


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