Can You Get Good SEO from Using Software?

I have always wondered why you cannot just get SEO software to do what you want on your website to help you with your page ranking. I mean, if it is all done to make search engine algorithms happy, then why can’t software do your SEO? I was looking at the best SEO software reviews online to find something that would help me keep ahead of the search engine algorithm changes over time. I was wondering if there could be something that would monitor my website in real time to see how it is doing with SEO over time as blog posts and other content accumulates.

I have a focused demographic, so SEO is not very hard for my website. Still, I was not getting a high page ranking status that would stay consistent until I could really look at the SEO on my website for myself. There was no way I was going to pay someone a thousand bucks a month to do it for me. I have a friend who has a business website, and that is what he is paying. I cannot imagine what the really big players are paying people to manage their SEO.

It seems like it would not be too hard for a smart company to come up with SEO software that would help any website do better in their page ranking. I think if the software is really good, you should be in the top 10 results within a month. If it keeps on being good, then you should be in the top five search results for terms associated with what you are selling in a couple of months. Another thing I wanted in good SEO software was warnings when the SEO was deviating from what the search engines want to see in my website.


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