Finding an Apartment Was Fast and Easy

I did not want to look at apartment complexes in DC, and I even thought about having my secretary do it for me. I realized that was pushing the limits though, and besides, no one but myself will really know what will make me happy. I figured it would take a while, so I blocked off several hours to look at the various websites of apartment complexes in the area I was looking at. The Westbrooke Place was the first on my list, and it ended up being the last on my list too because I didn’t look at any others.

I figured why look further when I already knew that I wanted to live there. I suppose other people would have continued to look to see if other apartment complexes offered more, but this one had every single thing on my list of wants and needs, and quite a few things that weren’t on there too. The main reason it was first on my list is because of its location. Not only am I able to walk to work if I want to, but I can also take the bus or train to various points in the city so I don’t have to drive. The stations for both are just a short walk away too.

I really liked that I had so many different choices for apartments too. I was not sure if I wanted a one bedroom or a two bedroom unit, but there were so many to choose from that I was able to secure a very large one bedroom apartment. I rarely have overnight guests, and I figured I could put anyone up in a hotel who would want to stay more than a few hours into the evening. This apartment hunting went so well that I only needed 15 minutes instead of the three hours I had planned on for it.


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