Having Automation As Part of Our Security System

Having a home security system is a smart thing nowadays. While crime can be traced back to biblical times, it does seem to be getting increasingly worse with each passing year. ADT is a leader in the home security system industry. They offer several different packages, making it affordable for nearly anyone who wants to have a home security system. The most popular package is the Total Protection Plus, but they have four other plans also. The lowest priced plan is the Essentials, and the highest is the Premium Protection. The nice thing is that only 16 dollars separates the two from each other, so even a lower income family who wants to have a security system can have the best plan since it is so affordable.

For my family and I, it was really easy to decide that is the one that we wanted to have. We get the basic home security system, but we get so much more than that too. My wife and I are both gone for long hours at a time, so it is really nice to be able to turn the heat down when we leave, but have the ability to turn it up so the house is warm for us when we return home. That alone is a huge energy saver, which saves us money too.

We also like being able to use the automation part of it to have the lights come on if we are arriving home at night. We also will turn them on if we are not home for several hours in the evening, just so it looks like someone is home. We enjoy all of the features of our security system, but having the automation part of it has really been the favorite part for both of us as well as the children.


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