Helping a Friend Through a Divorce

After almost a year of listening to my best friend’s marital issues over the phone, my heart broke for her when she told she was looking for a divorce lawyer in schenectady ny. She had reached her breaking point when her husband had admitted to having an affair. She wanted to file for divorce, but having moved to her husband’s home state of New York, she had no idea where to turn for help. She definitely needed an attorney to help her navigate her way through the process and find out what her options were. Without children, I knew it would be somewhat easier than having to deal with custody issues, but my friend had sacrificed much for her husband and there would be a lot of financial considerations to be made.

My friend had supported her husband throughout his college years and then through medical school, often working two or three jobs at a time, while sacrificing her own advanced schooling. She had moved across the country and made a home for them in a completely unfamiliar place with no friends or family of her own. It had been apparent from the start that my friend’s in-laws were basically the same as their son, expecting my friend to help support them as well. My friend never failed to stop over and help them with household chores and bought them groceries on an almost weekly basis.

The horrendous irony of the situation is that my friend’s husband claimed it was her lack of availability to him that caused the infidelity in their marriage. She simply was never home when he was or if she was, she was sleeping. There was absolutely no appreciation for what she had done throughout their relationship or understanding that she was working sixteen or more hours a day to pay for his schooling and his parents’ life.

I can only hope now that my friend’s attorney can get her the divorce settlement she deserves and I will be there for her through it all.


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