I Am Trying to Earn Money for School

I figure that it is going to be close to impossible to work much of a job after I got to university at the start of the next semester, my course load will be very difficult and I am going to do my best to complete my studies as soon as possible. Right now I am trying to save all of the money that I can. I found this place which does spring cleaning in Singapore although I do not think the term really fits very well for a place that is so close to the equator. The idea comes from places where it is cold and they have harsh winters, so that you spend a lot of time inside during the cold part of the year and the place gets messy. They take all of the rugs out of doors and beat them I think or that is how it looks from what I have seen. This is sort of the same concept, but there are not terrible winters in Singapore. The sun is high and hot all year round from what I can tell.

At any rate the only problem is that I am not really getting enough hours to make the sort of money that I really need. I am trying to get them to get me full shifts during the weekend, but they really do not have those sorts of hours and after all I am basically just a helper. They do not let me do any of this on my own, that is not how it goes. There are several people who do the main part of the job. I just do what they tell me to do and since that is what I get paid for it is all that I am really going to do.


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