I Found out How Easy It is to Buy a House Alone

I bumed into a very friendly realtor in Denver in the check-out line at the grocery store about six months ago. She was so lively and friendly. She handed me her business card, and I remembered her telling me that she sells houses for a living. I had been renting up to that point, and didn’t know how easy it would be to get a house until she told me that it’s not that hard at all. She told me to give her a call at her office and she would help me get started. I waited for about 6 months before actually contacting her, but I am glad that I did. She found me a place to purchase and she has also become a friend of mine as well.

I had never really enjoyed apartment living. I just did it because that’s what I was used to. I thought that you needed to be married to buy a place. Not for legal reasons, but I had simply assumed that house living was rather expensive. When I went in to see the agent, she explained that a lot of people try to buy a home that is too big at first. She said that people often find that they have more room than they need, which means a bigger payment. Since I am single, she said that I should opt for a smaller place with much more affordable payments. I wondered what type of places like that were available, so she took me around the city that same day to look at quite a few places.

I found a place that is only 1,300 square feet, and it suits me really well. It has a nice little backyard where I have a big deck and plenty of room for gardening. I love in in my new place.


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