I Got My Back Fixed

I hurt my back helping out my boss, although it was not exactly optional. He told me to show up and bring a rented truck, then we moved his oldest daughter into a new high rise called the Singapore New Futura condo. At the time I did not think too much of it, in fact most of the time we were stuck in traffic instead of doing much work. The job took us most of the day because we could not easily get from one place to the other without going through the worst traffic in the entire city. It was hard for me to figure out how best to get to this place for one thing and the boss told me to do something that really turned out to be a huge mistake. We got caught in the middle of a real mess and that was a just the start of the ordeal.

At any rate we moved the light stuff first, there was plenty of it and then we went back for all of the heavy stuff and that is how I ended up with a hurt back. I just slipped one time and after that I really hurt for the rest of the day. It did not get easier and I did not figure out what was going on. I ended up going to see a guy who does TCM, or traditional Chinese medicine to get him to do acupuncture on me. It was not like I really believed that it would work, but the guy at work swore up and down by it. That is pretty much the only reason that I did and I was okay with it only after I figured out that it work. The guy explained the concept to me after it was done, but that was less comforting.


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