I Need to Move out

I have some major decisions to make and it starts with what I am going to do about apartments for Asheville that are within my budget. This is a great situation when you are in college. There were some of the time up to half a dozen people living in this huge house and sharing the costs. Of course the place is more of a dump than I can really tolerate at this point. In fact there is a drunken landlord who enjoys being a big fat jerk to add to the other things. However it was great for saving money. I managed to get a job that pays well that is relatively close to this place and since then I have managed to pay down what debt I had and save up a good bit of money. Of course the other people here have little concern about the fact that I need to get up early in the morning. If they feel like having a party and staying up all night, that is what they do. In fact I can not complain too much since I would do the same thing if I could.

The question is what to do, and I have found out that I may not want to get an apartment. There are a lot of small homes in this area and some of them are for rent. I am pretty sure that would be a lot better in many ways than to get an apartment. You never know who is going to be leaving on the other side of the wall at an apartment. It is usually a fair bet that there is going to be someone that annoys you on the other side of the wall. If you get a house that is not going to be a factor.


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