I’ve Been Thinking About Copywriting Lately

Skillsfuture copywriting – anyone else know about this already? Anyone who knows me knows one main thing: I like to think. It’s a habit from birth. I can’t help it – it’s just the way I am! For those of you who think this is a negative trait, let me hit you with something. Sometimes my thinking (okay, my over-thinking) leads me down the right path. Well, it may have taken me awhile, but I’ve found something that I’m not only good at, I happen to excel at it. My friends already know this (okay, you guys are my friends too), but I’ve been thinking of getting into copywriting. I basically already do that anyway.

So, I was writing a neat new little piece for a friend, and I thought to myself, “Wow, you’re really good at this!” – I wondered if this could be a real profession. Could I get paid to jazz things up? I did a quick search and found out about a little thing called Skillsfuture copywriting. It turns out it’s a real thing. They train you professionally in this thing I was already wanting to do. Great! Finally something good falls my way. So, I saw this program and thought, “Alright, cool, but why can’t I just do this on my own?” – well, I guess, I didn’t exactly know how to start. I’m brand aware and know how to make eye-catching posts that just pop out (which is why my guy friends like to have me write business emails for them, but don’t tell anyone), but how do I turn this into a marketable skill.

Skillsfuture copywriting is all about that, as it turns out (hey, lucky me). I might have some talent, but they’ve got the experience. Nothing beats having someone with whom you can brainstorm ideas, ask for help, and who can just give you an honest, real opinion about your work. It’s working for me.


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