Moving My Family to Asheville, North Carolina Was Easy and Welcomed by All of Us

When we moved here it was in a hurry. I had gotten a new job, and we were given a cash moving allowance and a couple of months rent. I had to pick a place to live while my wife got everything squared away where we were moving from. I showed her a website for some Asheville luxury apartments, and that was all it took. We did not have to look any further. We did Facetime from the apartment when they were showing it to me. Her and the kids were watching on my wife’s tablet. I showed them the pool outside, and the kids really liked that. When I showed my wife the kitchen and granite countertops with the stainless steel appliances, she told me she did not need to see more.

I kept the video going and showed her the big closets and the high ceilings. We would have a private balcony, and there is garage space too. I was thoroughly impressed when I went to tour this new apartment complex in Asheville. The District South is a nice place. Just being new was a definite benefit. We were used to living in places that were quite dated. This modern apartment complex in North Carolina was going to be all new to us.

The kids could not wait to move. Of course they had their friends they had to say goodbye to, but they both said they were looking forward to long summers and having a big pool to visit every day. They were both trained swimmers who took the junior lifeguard course, so swimming alone would not be a problem for them. They are both on the swim team at school and are powerful swimmers even in natural waterways and the ocean. We were all looking forward to becoming North Carolina residents. The pool and long summers for the kids, my wife really liked the apartment, and I finally got the job of my dreams.


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