My Apartment in Baltimore is the Best

When a job opportunity opened up in Baltimore, I immediately applied for it. I had never been there, but I already knew that I would like it. It is super close to Washington D.C., which is my favorite place in the world, plus it would get me closer to my favorite football team too, the Ravens. I had been chatting with other Ravens fans in online forums, so I asked them if they knew of any great apartment complexes that are in the general area of where my new job would be. 101Ellwood was the answer given by quite a few, so I went to the website with all of the details of this apartment complex to see what it is like.

I was really impressed with what I saw there. First off, it is in the perfect area. I was able to look at it on a map that showed everything around it, and I knew that it was about the best location I would be able to get. Also, the setting is really nice. It is definitely better than the place I was living at before, because my only scenery was looking at other buildings. Here, trees, grass, a park, and other things are what is seen.

The apartment itself is really nice too. Even though it is just me, I wanted a two bedroom apartment since I would be working from home a lot. I wanted to be able to convert a second bedroom into a home office, and I also wanted to have two bathrooms so anyone who would be over could have their own guest bathroom. Having a clubhouse and fitness center on the property grounds made this even more appealing, and I immediately started the process of obtaining one of the apartments for myself. Everything fell in place quite rapidly, and I am the happiest I have ever been!


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