My Daughter Had Acne Scars

When my 18 year old daughter came to me not long ago feeling very sad, I did what any mom would do. I snuggled up with her on the couch, and we had a heart to heart talk about what was wrong. She told me that she had heard some people talking about her behind her back, and she was beyond hurt with it, even though she was not super close to any of them. She had bad acne outbreaks in school, and she still bore the scars at that time. I did research on a Singapore aesthetic clinic that I had heard about, and I was happy to see that they do more than just nose jobs and helping women with wrinkle complexes.

I am not making light of either of those things, and I may end up taking advantage of them when that time comes to me. Right then though, I was just concerned about my daughter. Any mother who sees her daughter in tears wants to move mountains to fix the problem. Thankfully, I did not have to move mountains. I just had to drive her to the clinic and sit there with her while the doctor explained what all is involved with helping her with her acne scars.

My daughter was worried about the pain aspects of it, and I was concerned about the likelihood of the process working as well as he expected it to. We were both satisfied when he addressed our concerns, and she started getting the treatments that same week. It was not long before she had to get really close to the mirror to see the scars, and now they just cannot be seen, no matter how hard she looks. This has helped her self esteem so much too, and I have a happy girl back!


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