My Son Learned Study Techniques

I am a teacher at heart even though I have not been in a classroom in nearly 20 years. When I became pregnant for the first time, I knew that my job role was going to be a mom only. I did not want someone else to raise my children. My kids are older now, and I still prefer being home with them. When my son asked me to help him with physics, I found that I could not. I just didn’t know enough about it, so I looked up some Singapore physics tutors to find out if my son would benefit from it.

I really wanted to help him myself, but my area of expertise was in the languages, and I did not want to steer my son wrong at all. I was able to find him a tutor that has Saturday evening classes, which is about the only time he could carve out a two hour time block between his after school job and his other activities. I was impressed that he was willing to give something up if it came to that, and I was happy that it did not.

The group classes are only a couple of miles from our condo. The teacher does not teach physics one on one, and I am perfectly fine with that. I prefer small group settings where interaction is encouraged. I have always found that when other students in small group settings ask questions, it benefits the entire group. I also liked that if the tutor would need to cancel a class because of illness or an emergency, that he would simply reschedule the class instead of bringing in a replacement. Consistency is so much better in a classroom setting. Everything came together perfectly for this, and my son learned not only a lot more about physics but some great study techniques too.


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