No More of the Itchy Trees

By far the best tree removal in Long Island is one that will remove any tree you want with no questions asked. I had some trees in my yard that were covered in poison ivy vines. Trying to pull of the vines would have caused me to itch and have rashes like some kind of diseased person. I was ill equipped to handle the situation, so I put my faith in the hands of the professionals to do a good job. I called a company that one of my relatives had used in the past with good results.

The tree removal company told me that they could get rid of the poison ivy ridden trees with no problem. They came to my home wearing protective gear to make sure that none of the vines touched their skin. I don’t blame them for having such an elaborate set of clothing for this job, because touching poison ivy is no fun. I touched it once when I was young and I learned my lesson to never touch it again. I itched so much that day that I had to put oven mitts on my hands to keep me from scratching myself.

The trees were removed and their stumps were ground down to make them level with the rest of the yard. I still haven’t decided if I want to put something in those areas or just leave the stumps. It would be nice to have a few more trees in the area, specifically some that could make some delicious fruit. There are a couple of pear and persimmon trees that I have been eyeing at the plant nursery, and I think it would be good to have them producing fruit for me in a few years. They’re fairly easy trees to maintain and produce a lot.


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