Our Movie-like Journey to Aspen

There is a movie that I always watched as a child. In this movie, a man who was a driver for a company had to drop a woman off at the airport. The woman left a briefcase at the airport and the man finds it and goes on a trip with his roommate to Aspen to return it. This movie probably wasn’t intended for kids to watch, but I still loved it anyway. I’ve always wanted to look at luxury Aspen rentals and rent my own place, just like the two roommates in the movie, but I never had the money to do it.

Everything changed when I was given a nice bonus by my boss. Apparently I had done such a good job at the company for so many years that I was solely responsible for all of the increase productivity in my department. He gave me the money and some more vacation days to use whenever I wanted. I took this as the perfect opportunity to book a trip to Aspen, and there was no one else I wanted to go with more than my roommate. It was going to be just like the movie, except we wouldn’t have to sell our stuff to get there.

There was one thing that we didn’t think about on our way to Aspen. We didn’t have any ski gear, nor did we know how to ski. We solved this problem by signing up for ski lessons and renting the equipment we needed. The ski instructor took us through all of the basics to get us started, and from that we were able to go up and down some simple slopes. I felt confident enough in my skills that I wanted to try a more difficult skiing area, but I fell on my butt only after skiing for a few seconds.


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