Our Young Daughter Became an Activist to Promote a Better World

Our daughter saw the results of a small spill of a chemical that was not even that highly toxic. We live close to the river. It is at the end of our back yard. We watch large tugs pushing barges, and we see pleasure boats in abundance. A plant upstream spilled a chemical into the river, and a lot of fish were killed. She saw that, and wondered what she could do to stop things like it from happening again. She became a young activist, and even asked us if we could get a green energy provider.

I never really thought about it. I understand that jobs are on the line when it comes to large scale switching from fossil fuel generation of electricity to things such as wind energy. I understand there are controversies about the new technologies, such as wind farms getting in the way of migratory bird routes. Actually, a lot of that knowledge came form our daughter. She does not just accept what one group says. She does her own detailed research. As a family, our ethics were much more in line with wanting to go with an energy provider where we would be paying for electricity generated from renewable resources. We searched together to find a competitive per kilowatt hour rate for electricity from a supplier that used green energy sources for the generation of electricity.

When we felt confident with one company, we went with them as our energy provider. Our little girl recycles everything she can too. She developed a simple system in our home so that all of the materials from glass to paper to cans are easily separated. She knows that if she was the only one doing it, then it would not make much of a difference. However, more people are taking the time to do their part to make a difference in the ways that they can.


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