The Power to Choose is Awesome

I used to live in Ohio back in the 1980s, and it felt really good to be going back home again after being gone for nearly 30 years. I had been back for visits, but this time I was going back for good. I was closing on the house that I was going to buy, my job was due to start in four weeks, and I was just finishing up some loose ends. The biggest one was looking at the different Ohio electricity providers so I could have the power turned on as soon as possible at the house.

The closing date was just under a week away, and the moving truck was just on standby to move everything for me. That is why I figured getting the power turned on should be my top priority. However, things had changed since I lived in Ohio. Before, there was just one company, but now there were five different ones that Ohio residents were able to choose from. AEP Energy is the one that I had used before, but I wanted to look at the others just to see if they were offering me something better. That is the really nice thing about having choices!

When I got to Just Energy, I was really impressed with everything that I read. They have green options that I wanted to explore, just because my young grandson had been educating me on things about our planet that he was learning in his science class. I knew he would be pleased with this choice, and to be honest, I am too. I also like that Just Energy gets really involved in the communities that they serve. They are not a company that hides behind brick walls. They get involved and really make a difference. It is hard to not support a company like that!


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