The Terrible Back Situation in Camas

I have had some serious issues with my back and neck ever since I had a wreck a few years ago. These pains do not go away just because I am visiting with family either, especially with the long car rides that are a huge part of family trips. Coming out of the car and having the worst back pain I have had made it clear to me, I am going to need to find a chiropractor in Camas and soon.

It all started while me and my family were taking a trip up to Camas for a fall vacation. We have other family there and were going to visit them as well. We were going to drive from location to location and have planned pit stops for stretching. Stretching was the most important to me to ensure that I wasn’t going to be stiff or in pain. I had had a serious wreck a few years back and ever since then, back and neck pain have been a constant if I am not able to move around. That morning, we loaded up the car and drove to Camas.

I could feel myself getting tighter in the back on the way there. I had asked if there was a chiropractor in Camas, I felt that I would probably need one. No one was sure. As soon as we got to the hotel, I knew I had to find someone. My neck was stiff and my back was a stiff, aching, painful mess. That night, I laid in pain. It was horrible, I couldn’t move and when I did move pain shot through my back. As soon as the morning came, I went to the hotel and asked about chiropractors. If anyone knows a decent one, it will be the ones that are living there. The clerk gave me the number to a few but suggested one in particular as the best one. I went back to the room and I called him to see if I could get an appointment.

That afternoon, I had an appointment with a chiropractor that I had never met, I told him my issues and a brief rundown on the past treatments and issues I have had and he said he felt like he could help. My neck got popped and my back got cracked and my joints were all loosened again. I came out of his office feeling like a brand new person.


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