Today’s Prices for Scrap Metal

My uncle just passed away and I am helping my brother clean out his house and property. We were in the back yard and we found a tremendous amount of scrap metal that nobody knew was back here. I mean, everyone knew that he had a lot of junk, but this quantity of scrap metal has to be worth a good bit, and so I want to figure out how much is scrap metal worth?

I think that we are going to try to go ahead and sell this metal today and split the money between the two of us, so long as we can figure out an easy way to haul it all to the scrap yard and sell it. It must be thousands of pounds of metal, so even if I go and get my truck and bring it over, it would probably take us a few loads. I am not sure what all is here in terms of the types of metal present, but I am seeing a good bit of copper, and I know for a fact that copper sells for more money than most other types of metal.

For example, I don’t even think that they bother paying you by the pound for steel and such. Rather, I am pretty sure that you have to bring in like a hundred pounds of steel to hardly get any money at all for it, and that is why when you scrap a car, it is usually only worth a few hundred bucks. There are thousands of pounds of car there, but unfortunatley, a lot of the metal just isn’t worth that much money. Of course, it would be quite a different story if you had a whole car that was made out of copper, but that wouldn’t be practical.


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