We Are Now Living the Dream

If you have ever been out on Biscayne Bay in Florida, the thought of living in such a beautiful place has most certainly entered your mind. We were there on vacation once visiting relatives that live in nearby Westview. We were out on the bay when we went close to the shores of the North Village. I saw a nice building and asked what it was. It was the Treasures On The Bay apartments. You can click here for website information about the place. Later on when we got back to the home of my relatives, I looked the apartments up online. Then my wife and I took a drive over to the North Village to check them out. We got a tour of a three bedroom apartment that was absolutely beautiful.

The views from the private balcony of the bay were spectacular. We liked everything about the apartment from the large closets to the two baths. The floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors to the balcony are made of tinted impact-resistant glass. You get protection from the summer sun to keep fabrics from fading, and big storms are kept at bay outside while you relax safely inside. We have my relatives to evacuate to if it ever becomes necessary. We could not pass up this place. The cost of the rent was right in line with what I was expecting for such a nice place to live.

We leased an apartment before even talking about moving from our old place. Since moving here, we are both thrilled because it includes much more than we could have imagined. We knew we were going to live on the beach, and we also knew that the amenities were plentiful at the complex. What we did not count on were all the things we would be able to do just a few minutes walk away from the apartment. This really is living the dream.


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