We Like to Have Harmless Fun in This Family

I am pretty pleased with my sons. They both stay out of trouble and are good kids. We are a close family, and we like to play fun pranks on each other. Recently, the boys were teasing me by stating that I would not catch up with them on our favorite video game because I’m older and slower now. So, I quietly looked for cheats for Forge of Empires without telling them. My plan was to use it to surpass the boys quickly. I then told their grandfather about it, so he got in on the fun, too. He began playing the game and let the boys know. He then used the cheat as well.

When the kids found out how well their grandfather and I were doing in the game, they burst into the room with stunned looks on their faces. They immediately asked for information about how we were suddenly doing so good. Their grandfather and I exchanged a smile and pointed out that we may be older, but we are also much smarter due to experience and age. The boys begged us the next couple of days, and we finally told them how we did so well on the third day. We all laughed about it.

My wife loves to join in on our pranks at times, but she also tends to stay out of a lot of them. This is because the boys try to get her back by leaving horrific, plastic cockroaches on her pillow at night or other equally gross pranks. There have been multiple situations where I have seen my wife race out of a room yelling at the top of her lungs because she thought she saw a real dead mouse or an insect. So, she feels more comfortable staying out of the fray. She’s good at giving me ideas for new jokes to play on our sons, though.


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