What is the Safest Messaging App?

I am not a criminal or a terrorist that has to worry about being spied on by the government, nor do I worry about black helicopters swooping in to arrest me for whatever things I could imagine. However I have problems with my stepfather and he has already tried to snoop on my messaging apps. He thinks I am on drugs or something like that. I figured out that he had installed something on my phone called snaphack, which is supposed to spy on snapchat conversations. Of course the problem is that I never really used that app as a messaging app. I did some research and it turns out that there is not much I can do about, other than tell my Mom and that is not going to give anyone much satisfaction. So long as the phone technically belongs to them, then they can do stuff like this. It is my phone, but I did not pay for it.

Of course it is not so great a phone any way, but it is all that I have and I do not want to pay for a new one. I do want to use a messaging app that is safe from eavesdropping. I suppose that the NSA can probably snoop on nearly all of them and that the people who know which one is best are probably the people who have a lot of things to worry about. I would guess that people in business must want to be able to communicate securely. It is an obvious thing that you would not want to have your competitors listening in when you are talking about sensitive details of contracts and things like that. I would guess that politicians feel the same way given that emails can get you into all sorts of trouble.


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