Why Would You Do This?

It was pretty strange to look at this guy and wonder if he was some sort of cyber criminal or it he was just some sort of knucklehead trying to rip off Paypal. He was using this program that was purportedly a paypal money generator and he was trying to convince me that I should do it too. Of course for some reason there was a limit to how much money it could be used to steal. Apparently it is going to only take a thousand dollars, if it even worked. The guy was explaining to me how easy it was, but I had to take a look at him. I knew he did not have a car and the bike he rode to school was not too awesome either. His shoes were practically falling apart and the same was true of his blue jeans. If this stuff was a great way to make money, then he was doing a great job of hiding the fact. He looked a lot like a homeless person.

At any rate I got to thinking about why you would do this, but the truth is I am not sure there is a big down side unless you count the fact that one day you are going to go out and look for a job after you get out of college. That is the thing that you would think about if you were me, because I am going to get my degree in about a year and a half, then I will go out looking for a job. These people see that you tried to take money from Paypal, the first thing they are going to think is that you may well try to steal from them as well. I would think the exact same thing.


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